Supercars are now no longer just for the select few. With AutoXotica’s tailored supercar club memberships, you can enjoy the freedom of driving a variety of exhilarating cars. At AutoXotica, the novelty never loses its spice and the reality never bites, like it does for so many supercar owners. AutoXotica. . . how to truly appreciate supercars without ever needing to own one.

Your new home from home

‘I love AutoXotica,' comments MD Kevin Burns.

'It's the realisation of a recurring vision of mine. To bring luxury products together and make them easily accessible. Aside from exponentially increasing your sex appeal, AutoXotica has many advantages, from its prime location to its alliance with an expanding portfolio of luxury leisure products.

You'll also love AutoXotica. The private, high-tech mezzanine lounge for members within a state-of-the-art HQ at Donington Park. . . the thoroughbred stable of supercars. . . the very best rates. . . the 'can do' attitude. Looking for an inspiring place to hang out, where supercar experiences and club membership is as straightforward as it is exhilarating? Welcome to AutoXotica, your new home from home.'


'As the historic heart of British Motorsport, Donington Park is the UK's most unbelievably apt venue for a supercar club, with air, road and rail links plus racing events, off-roading, museums, skidpan, the works'

Kevin Burns



How does a British Olympian and Commonwealth medal-winning swimmer end up as the managing director of a supercar company?

‘Since I was a kid, I liked the sensation of speed. Running, swimming, skateboards, go-carts, bikes, you name it, the faster I could go or make something go, the better. Supercars are an extension of my lifelong need for speed,’ commented the AX Supercar MD.

Kevin’s love for stylish living came when he hung up his Speedos to enter the rag trade with Levi Strauss in Northampton, becoming divisional manager before setting up his own company and launching, in the UK, Cardin Knitwear and, respectively, iconic American and French brands Von Dutch and Chipie.

From the kingpin of clothes to the big kahuna of five-star resorts, Kevin enjoyed a five-year contract in the Mediterranean sunshine within the luxury leisure and hospitality industry, before returning to the UK to set up AX Supercars.

• First car:
Mini with a Morris 1300 engine. A ‘real flying machine’
Best drives: Nissan GTR, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Current cars: BMW GT & BMW M3 Convertible