German beauty catches eye of ex-SAS presenter Ant Middleton

SAS legend Ant Middleton "sticks to the speed limit"

‘Some are happy with where their comfort zone is,’ explains ex-special forces TV presenter Ant Middleton to The Telegraph, ‘but I like to be constantly tested.’
So that’s what Middleton is doing here at Donington Park, surrounded by speed machines of every shape and chassis size. Once more, it just goes to show that the Chief Instructor of SAS: Who Dares Wins is one serious adrenaline junkie.

And right here, where the Lamborghinis roam and the Enzos play in the historic heart of British motorsport, Middleton is about to feed his legendary appetite for exhilaration.

‘Climb in, smell the leather, admire the genius design, switch it on and just go. Wherever you go, it doesn’t matter,' grins AutoXotica MD Kevin Burns through his drill sergeant's tache. 'Just a few seconds with one of these lovelies and you feel like Bond, James Bond.’

Billed as the UK’s sexiest supercar club, AutoXotica is gaining a lot of admirers – including Middleton, whose personalised driving experience includes driving six different supercars in our backyard. After putting the pedal to the metal, pushing the beasts to their absolute limits around Donington’s test circuit, the adventurer, survival expert and expedition leader is clearly energised and impressed by the experience.

‘Fantastic setup,’ enthuses Middleton, his eyes never quite straying from the Porsche 911 GT3, the refined but rugged Teutonic powerhouse in which the former marines man claims to have discovered something of a kindred spirit.

‘I had a feeling Ant would go for the GT3. It represents the pinnacle of sports car engineering – power and control all wrapped into one super-performing package – a bit like someone I know really,’ laughs Burns.

Even for an elite adrenaline veteran like Ant Middleton, an AutoXotica driving experience heightens the senses and causes a contagious smile from ear to ear. After all, one needs some mental strength to be looking for an exhilarating driving adventure in a supercar.

We're convinced that Ant Middleton will talk all about his supercar driving experience in his next book or interview series, after all, his audience always wants to know more about the extraordinary life of the former military man.

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