How does the supercar club work?

You may know that we are a supercar club based at Donington Park, but you might have also asked yourself the question … what is a supercar club exactly? Well, the answer to that question is really simple.

At AutoXotica we make it easy and affordable for you to get regular access to luxury vehicles. That means no red tape or prices that only an oil baron from the middle east can afford. We aim to change the conversation on supercar accessibility.

Accessing the supercars

supercar club Bentley Continental GT

For us as a brand, it's important that our sports cars are easily accessible to our members whenever they want to go for a drive. That’s why our HQ is very centrally located and directly connects to some of Britain's best driving roads. Members and other clients can pick up the supercars from the club where they’ll be greeted by our team and treated to a freshly brewed coffee. After a short induction to their supercar of choice, it's time to rev up the engine and enjoy its unique thrills.

In return for buying a membership to the supercar club, new members receive credits to use towards the usage of our luxury cars. Our selection of supercars is organised into three tiers, each having a different credit value. As the fastest vehicle in our fleet, the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder earned itself a spot in our top tier, whereas our entry-level tier includes the everyday dream car, the Nissan GT-R. Members choose how long they wish to keep the luxury car, so long as they can offset the usage with their available credits. The minimum hire period is 24 hours, which is the perfect amount of time to celebrate a special event or to supercharge a date night.


AutoXotica membership

Each membership is tailored to the needs of the member. Ranging from just the supercar access to full access to our partner network of other luxury lifestyle assets. This allows plenty of flexibility for the member, as we work together to create a package that works for them.

Memberships come fully specced with additional benefits, including professional driver tuition, access to the Donington Park trackside suite and exclusive members-only driving experiences. On top of these perks, members also have the chance to access our network of partner luxury assets. This includes a great selection of international hotels and resorts plus staycations and weekend getaways that make it easy to combine our supercars with homegrown British luxury.

You can think of AutoXotica as a modern health club. We take care of your mental well-being rather than just your physical well-being.

How you can get behind the wheel

AutoXotica supercars

We've already told you a little about the supercar club memberships but that's not the only way you can experience our exotic cars. For more details about membership, we recommend you join us on one of our supercar driving experiences, which will allow you to secure drive-time in three of our supercars as well as a one-to-one meet up with the experts at the club.

We also offer the option to hire a supercar for a day to get a feel for what it's like to drive one of these cars. Or better yet, take out your childhood dream car with a free test drive.

Whichever option you choose, we look forward to meeting you at the club in person!

Either way, we look forward to meeting you at the club in person!


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