Peak District – A Supercar Paradise

There are few places in the UK better suited for supercar fun than the Peak District in Derbyshire. With its combination of epic driving roads, jaw-dropping scenery and convenient central location, the Peak District is a true supercar paradise. From narrow, winding mountain roads to long straights to put your foot down, its got it all.

Peak District National Park

Peak District

The Peak District National Park, located at the southern end of the Pennines, is the UK’s first designated national park, having been recognised in 1951. The majority of the park is located in northern Derbyshire. However the area also spans parts of Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

The park is an area of great diversity that is split into two areas. In the North is the Dark Peak, an area of dramatic gritstone ridges and stark moorland plateaus like Kinder Scout, the park’s highest point. Whilst in the South is the White Peak. Among these steep limestone valleys lies Dovedale with its famed stepping stones. And whilst you can explore the caves, roads and attractions, we do recommend jumping out of your supercar and exploring the area by foot as well.

Things To Do In The Peak District

Peak District

With a wide variety of activities and a number of picturesque towns and villages in the Peak District, it’s not hard to find something to match your interests. History buffs can head to Chatsworth House — a lavish stately home built in the 1600s. Walkers can stretch their legs up at Kinder Scout. Scenery lovers can take in the breathtaking views at Mam Tor. And adrenaline junkies can head to the nearby Alton Towers. But what do you do if you want to experience all of that in one trip? You head to the Peak District in a supercar.

Jump into the driving seat of a supercar from a historic manufacturer and you’ll be in lavish surroundings. Flick the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder into sport mode, head out onto the open road and you can stretch the legs of the horses under the bonnet. Dash from one scenic spot to another and take in the spectacular views, including the breathtaking view of your supercar when you park it. Take an adrenaline-fuelled adventure drive, where you are at the controls.

A supercar adventure around the Peak District gives you all of it. Because you get the best of everything that the area has to offer, whilst simultaneously experiencing the best that motoring has to offer.

Top Peak District Attraction

Peak District

Our top attractions for a Peak District weekend away, are the roads. Whether you’re after driving roads that let you put your car to the test or scenic routes that allow you to cruise along and take in the natural beauty of the area, you’ll find it in the Peak District. There also plenty of roads that offer both, combining a driving thrill with stunning scenery and some great places for a pit stop along the way. The roads feel as comfortable to drive as the best pyjama would in bed. Here are a couple of our favourites:

The Snake Pass

Peak District

This has been considered one of the best driving routes in the UK for some time, listed as one of the best driving roads by Auto Trader magazine as far back as 2009. The Snake Pass is the name given to a particular stretch of the A57, the road that crosses the Peak District between Manchester and Sheffield and offers an enjoyable alternative to the motorway. The most epic section runs between Glossop and Ladybower reservoir and reaches a high point of 512 metres above sea level.

Whilst the route was originally named for the Snake Inn — one of the few buildings occupying a spot along the road — the name is an apt description of the route, for this is a route which winds and twists its way through the high ground between the flat moorlands. With a number of elevation changes and the odd bit of adverse camber, the road certainly offers a challenge and is best avoided in wet or wintry conditions.

As well as offering an awesome driving experience along with its twisty route, The Snake Pass also provides exceptional views of beautiful scenery. When conditions are clear, pay particular attention to your surroundings during the descent into Glossop as you can see all the way to Manchester, and beyond.

Cat ’N’ Fiddle

Peak District

The Peak District’s most (in)famous route has a reputation for a reason. Previously dubbed Britain’s most dangerous road, this was a route favoured by bikers thanks to the myriad hairpin turns along the way. Because of its prior reputation for danger, the route has been dotted with average speed cameras along its length to combat the number of motorcycle crashes that occur. This is to be considered a good thing because at any speed this is a route that offers a challenging and spectacular drive.

Running through the heart of the national park between Buxton and Macclesfield, the route is known for its challenging twists and turns as it climbs above the reservoirs, wind howling around you. No matter the conditions, it's best to take the route steady and appreciate the glory of the landscape that surrounds you. We can recommend taking the Aston Martin Vanquish for a drive through the beautiful scenery, combining the James Bond feeling with the British countryside.

Supercar Driving Experience

Peak District Lamborghini

To make the most of a supercar driving experience, you need to make it an event. It’s no good driving a supercar along a boring road. You need challenging corners, exhilarating climbs, slalom descents and stunning views. So you need to start that experience at somewhere like Donington Park, where spectacular drives — that should feature on any list of the best driving roads in the UK — and a supercar paradise are a stone’s throw away. Don't make your next visit to the peak area a stopover at campsites and luxury lodges. Make it a supercar experience instead. Your next peak district holiday should be supercharged and thanks to our supercar club it's now in easy reach. What supercar will you choose to start your Peak District adventure?

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