Starting Point Donington Park – Where To Go On A One Day Supercar Trip

Congratulations! An exhilarating supercar road trip awaits. Let's assume you’ve chosen the supercar model of your dreams from AutoXotica and are about to embark on a supercar driving experience like no other. With a 150-mile allowance from Donington Park Race Circuit included with your supercar for the day, the asphalt stretch ahead is yours for the taking. 150 miles is a long way away, but where to go on a one-day supercar trip? You've already taken one of our supercars home to show-off to your mates. So where is the next supercar destination of your choice? Luckily, there are plenty of must-see destinations just outside our doorstep. We'll help you make the most out of your 150 miles, turning your next supercar driving experience into a luxury supercar day trip full of scenic viewpoints.

Where To Take My Dream Supercar

So, now you’re in the driver's seat of a magnificent turbocharged beast like the Lamborghini Huracan. Where to? Let us count the ways… From Donington Park there is a wide range of must-visit destinations, but where to start your supercar adventure?

The Midlands Tick offers an exciting driving journey. A combination of long straight roads and tight bends, tests both your driving skills and the engineering of the carbon fibre masterpiece that’s yours for the day. Take this scenic drive in the East Midlands which goes around the outskirts of Nottingham and Leicester via a 50-mile stretch of glorious countryside. Sampling the fabulous pub food in one of the quaint, sleepy villages dotting the trail is a must. It might be sorely tempting to put the pedal to the metal while driving a high-performance sports car. However the route is peppered with speeding cameras, so keep your eyes peeled. That said, the natural attractions along the way more than make up for slowing down.

Eyam to Hathersage

Aston Martin

The Eyam to Hathersage route is a tribute to all that’s delightful about the Great British countryside. This is one trip that deserves an Aston Martin. Rolling fields, lush valleys and a less frenetic way of life right in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District. A heady combination of supercar driving and magnificent landscape makes this a fantastic this one of the best driving days of your life.

Start from Eyam Hall and the historic St Lawrence Church, right to the village of Foolow which boasts a picturesque duck pond. Drive on to Bretton and onto Abney where you can visit the highest pub in all of Derbyshire, the Bull’s Head. This road has some dramatic views of the valley as you descend to Hathersage. Steeped in history, Hathersage is a great sightseeing attraction from a Bronze Age stone circle right to magnificent medieval structures. This relatively short route is one of the best supercar driving experiences you can go for; combining the exhilarating feeling of driving your dream vehicle through one of the most lavish landscapes in Britain.

Peak District Attractions


The Peak District has plenty of brilliant attractions to make your supercar day trip special. Plus, it's just a mere 60 miles from Donington Park! From the village of Hope, famous for its 13th-century gargoyles, a circuit takes you through Edale, home of the most famous long-distance walking path - the Pennine Way, right through to the village of Castleton. Take in the awesome vistas of Mam Tor mountain, Blue John Cavern and Speedwell Cavern. This driving experience is simply breath-taking.

Castleton is a postcard-perfect village. Perfectly situated in the White Peak, it boasts several natural and historical features, including four huge caverns. Peak Cavern has the largest natural cave mouth in Europe and is used for special and one-off events in the area nowadays. If time is not a priority, take an underground boat ride to the ghostly 'Bottomless Pit' at Speedwell Cavern for an extraordinary experience. Or visit the Blue John Cavern to witness the spectacular semi-precious stone Blue John stalactites. Take the Nissan GT-R for a spin through the Peak District, you won't be disappointed by the landscape or the Japanese craftsmanship. The colour contrast between the GT-R and the Peak District make for great photo opportunities.

Supercar Driving Experience

A supercar driving experience can be more than taking to the steering wheel of an Aston Martin Vanquish. A 150 mile stretch of awe-inspiring road is at your fingertips. Hair-raising corners, heart-stopping climbs and magnificent descents plus some breath-taking views. All this adds to the thrill of driving, turning your supercar day into the ultimate driving experience. An unforgettable event which you’d want to relive over and over again. Thankfully, with an AutoXotica membership, you can! But let’s be honest. The purr of a turbocharged engine ripping through the most breathtaking British roads is the stuff that motor racing dreams are made of!

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