The Boy Racer’s Dream Ride

Smartphones. Nothing grabs a teenager's attention more than their phone. A miracle they aren't regularly running smack, bang, wallop into lampposts really. Calvin, 48, certainly knew what he was up against. The salt-and-pepper haired dad wanted to spend some quality father-and-son time with his 13-year-old Kye, without the usual Morse code of text and tweet pings hijacking the boy’s attention. So he decided to contact us to make some truly unforgettable memories. Luckily we knew the perfect way to make it an experience for the ages. Catch him by surprise!

Planning a surprise

When Calvin first got in touch with us he mentioned that Kye takes his cars quite seriously. The boy certainly knows his Bentleys from his Bugattis. So to impress him, we’d need a real beauty to capture his imagination, possibly his all-time favourite even – the ultra-cool Nissan GT-R. As luck would have it, AutoXotica has the very thing in its fleet, a twin-turboed V6 monster sporting a dragon-fire red paintjob.

As Calvin and Kye are based in Coventry we decided it would be best to plan the special surprise there, before inviting them back to our Donington Park HQ. With all the details agreed upon, it was time to get the ball rolling.

Calvin showed up bright and early at the club, excited to pick up the Nissan GT-R and get on the road to Coventry. A leisurely drive down the M1 later, we arrived at the Ice Hockey arena and parked the car down a quiet lane. Later that morning, Calvin professed to have some errands to run, and Kye tagged along. As Kye unknowingly made his way towards his dream GT-R, we stood in hiding, filming the big surprise:

Back to Donington Park

It's safe to say that the supercar surprise was an amazing event for both father and son. Leaving Coventry in the rear view mirror and making his way up to the beautiful roads of Derbyshire, the two of them took their time and cherished the drive. Upon arrival at the supercar club, the pair were greeted by one of our very own Pro-Drivers who spent some time with Kye, showing him the bells and whistles of the supercar. Whilst Kye was out and about with our Pro-Driver, Calvin relaxed in the members lounge, where he enjoyed a well-deserved coffee after a hard day's work driving the GT-R.

The exciting day ended with Calvin and Kye extending their supercar hire for a day.

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