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You have made the decision, you are going to buy a new car. But you’re not just going to buy any old car, you’re going to buy a supercar.

We can all agree, that’s not a regular, everyday purchase.

You don’t just drool over expensive cars on a random YouTube channel, pop out for the afternoon and come home with a Lamborghini Huracán. The purchase of a luxury car such as this requires a little more consideration. Ok, a lot more consideration.

You don’t want to buy a car for the price of a house, only to discover that it doesn’t quite indulge your passion for driving in the way that you intended. A supercar is the stuff of dreams, so if you’re buying one, it had best match up to those dreams on every count.

A stuffy showroom walk around the vehicles and a bit of a test drive is not enough time to discover if you are about to invest in the ultimate driving experience. Poodling around on public roads gives no indication as to how your supercar will perform at those driving experience days and track events you are planning to attend. Plus, there’s no way of stacking one supercar up against other vehicles or models from the same category. You drive only what the dealer is trying to sell you.

To make the best decision, you need to find a better way of putting your potential purchase through its paces – both on and off the track. Luckily, that better way exists and isn’t hard to find. All you need to do is sign up for a membership with a supercar club.

The road test: Supercar rental from a supercar club

Aston Martin Vantage hire

If your main consideration is using your supercar as a luxury car that spends all of its time on public roads only, supercar rental via a supercar club is for you. Ignore the idea of track days and driving supercars at their limit and instead focus on the day to day driving realities and usability of a supercar. Because that’s exactly what you can do with an exotic car rental.

Sign up for supercar club membership and you give yourself the luxury of choice. Firstly, there’s the choice of time and day. Take a car when it suits you. Take it where it suits you too. You won’t be restricted to the salesman’s favourite route around the locale of the dealership. Head off wherever the fancy takes you.

You want to know what it’s going to be like to have a weekend away in an Aston Martin Vanquish? Then do that. Book it out for the whole weekend and get the full supercar hire experience. You’ll come home knowing the car inside out from engine to steering wheel; what works for you and what doesn’t.

The next aspect of choice relates to the vehicles themselves. Opt for exotic car rental via a supercar club and you’ll be given a selection of vehicles to choose from. Not just what the sales people have available in the showroom. So one weekend you could be driving a Bentley Continental GT, the next a Ferrari 488 Spider. You won’t find yourself restricted to properly testing one vehicle only.

Test on the track: Supercar driving experience day via a supercar club

This one is for the drivers. For those whose passion is speed. Because supercar club membership is about more than just supercar rental. It’s about driving supercars really fast on a supercar driving experience day too.

Yes, supercars are luxury vehicles that allow you to travel in the utmost style. But they’re also super fast. They’re substance as well as show, and need to be completely at home on the track to deserve their classification in the upper echelons of four-wheeled motor vehicles.

So if you want to buy a supercar to enter events via a sports car club, or head for adrenaline fuelled driving experience days whenever the fancy takes you, you need to make sure your race car can do more than just cope. And it’s no good making that decision based upon what you’ve seen it do in the hands of professional racing drivers. It needs to excel with you at the wheel.

Take advantage of a supercar driving experience day and not only will you be able to put your prospective vehicle through its paces and set a lap time, you’ll be able to compare it to its peers too. On the same track, on the same day, in the same conditions. What could be a fairer test of a supercar's capabilities?

Get the best of both with AutoXotica

If you’re looking to try before you buy, the benefits of a supercar club membership are obvious. If you want real world supercar driving only, you can go for a supercar rental and take a car of your choice out onto the roads. If high speed and setting a lap time is more your thing, you could opt for a supercar driving experience day. But what if you want both? You want to find the perfect car for the track and the road? Then you join AutoXotica, the UK’s best supercar club.

With AutoXotica you get the best of both worlds; you can choose exotic car rental, exciting driving experience days and a great choice of vehicles. And with an AX Ultimate Driving Experience – which gives you time on the road, time on the track and 9 different supercars to play with at the legendary Heart of British Motorsport, Donington Park – you can get it all at once.

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