Welcome to the club that makes you feel like James Bond. . . even if you look like James May.

Why Join Club AX?

For life. . . not just for Christmas. Accessible. . . not elitist. Shaken. . . not stirred. Introducing Club AX, the high-tech supercar club that stands for friendliness, fair play and fantastic products. Also add awesome savings. After all why buy a supercar, fork out a shedload of loot and get eviscerated by the interest, when you can simply join Club AX and drive a variety of supercars?

How Membership Works

When you join Club AX, you receive credits to use in three different tiers of cars, AX1-3. Within each tier, you have a choice of cars. You can, of course, use as many or as few credits as you wish. Simple.

Why the Price is Right

Glance at the comparison table (below) and you'll see why joining Club AX over buying a supercar is a no-brainer. Even at today’s barmy rates, an £188k car—on lease or hire purchase—requires a 30% deposit, which is £56k. That leaves £131k to pay off at 7% API which, over 3 years, will cost you in excess of £27k. . . in interest alone.

Buy-Your-Own Supercar Vs Club AX Membership: Cost Comparisons


Multiple Vehicle Choice

Initial purchase price

£249 per month

Annual membership renewal fee






Total cost of 5 year membership



• Iconic Donington Park HQ• Private members lounge• Exclusive use of trackside hospitality suite• Year-round track day events, World Super Bikes, Formula E HQ & much more• Exclusive driver experience days throughout the year• Expert tuition from our not-so-tame club racing driver Michael Brentwood


Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Initial purchase price


3 years maintenance bills*


3 year insurance**


Depreciation over 3 years


Total cost of 3 year ownership



Plus, research reveals that, on average, supercar owners get bored stiff with their motors after only 3 years of ownership. No wonder the smart money’s on the supercar club.


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